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SL 38 Classic

SlimLine 38 Classic window

Light, Elegance and Comfort

Slim Line 38 is a highly insulated system inward and outward opening  windows and doors, which combines elegance and comfort, with a unique  design. This special slender steel look is the perfect solution for  modern architecture and renovation of steel-framed windows, respecting  the original design but offering a thermally improved solution.

The SL 38 system is available in 3 different minimalistic design  variants, Classic, Ferro and Cubic, to perfectly match the architectural  aspect of the building. The windows and doors can be provided with  double and triple glazing without losing the ultra-slim look.

In combination with its superior insulation capabilities, the system  provides the perfect harmony between durable material, clean design and  demanding architectural challenges.

Also - SlimLine 38 Ferro window, SlimLine 38 'Fire Proof' window, SlimLine 38 'Cubic' window.

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