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MasterLine 8

MasterLine 8 window

Efficiency and performance

The MasterLine 8 platform with its 40mm thermal break ensures an Uf  value of 1,9 W/m²K for a frame-vent section of 119mm on the standard  insulation level. There is no need to place additional insulating  gaskets and with this creating a highly performing and profitable  system.

MasterLine 8 standard combines 

  • water tightness up to 1200Pa for operning elements, 
  • air tightness of 600Pa with air loss reduction of 80% below class 4 maximum, with 
  • excellent thermal values and 
  • glass weights up to 200kg for a turn-tilt window.

The standard insulation level is composed of profiles with polyamide insulation bars and EPDM weather gaskets.

Also - MasterLine 8 'Renaissance' window, MasterLine 8 'Deco' window, MasterLine 8 'High Insulating' window, MasterLine 8 'High Insulating Plus' window, MasterLine 8 Hidden Vent profile system.

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