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CS 86-HI

Concept System 86 'High Insulating' window

Highly energy efficient

Concept System® 86-HI is a highly insulated system for inward opening  windows, which meets the highest requirements concerning safety and  stability. The system’s unique insulation concept not only ensures the  extreme stability and elevated water- and air tightness, but also makes  it perfectly suitable for triple glass applications.
The overall  insulation value (Uf) of the system's HI+ variant goes down to 1.0  W/m²K, making it one of the most energy-efficient systems available. CS  86 even achieved the Swiss Minergie® and Minergie-P® component label.  With regard to safety, CS 86-HI can comply with burglar resistance  classes 2 and 3, offering an ultimate level of security. 

Ultimate combination possibilities, also with CS 86 doors, CP 155  sliding system and CF 77 Folding doors, makes CS 86 extremely suitable  for all types of building concepts.

Also - CS 86-HI/HV.

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