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CS 68

Concept System 68 window

Universal solution

Concept System® 68 is a universal window system, with good  performances regarding stability, thermal insulation and security. The  system is available in a variety of aesthetic styles: Functional,  Renaissance, Softline and Hidden Vent — this way the windows can match  your building style perfectly. 

The window system offers a range of solutions for inward and outward  opening windows and is compatible with the Ventalis® ventilation units.  In addition, CS 68 windows can comply with burglar resistance classes 2  and 3, offering an ultimate level of security.

Also - Concept System 68 'Renaissance' window, Concept System 68 'Softline' window, Concept System 68 'Hidden Vent' window, Concept System 68 'Smoke & Heat Evacuation' window.

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