Durų sistema

CS 59

Concept System 59 door

Concept for insulation

Concept System® 59 offers an extensive range of insulated profiles  for the construction of elegant and moderately priced aluminium flush  doors. The system is available in a variety of threshold solutions to  perfectly match all comfort and aesthetic requirements.

The system’s limited built-in depth allows its application in many constructions, even with reduced wall thicknesses.

The CS 59 system includes all types of inward and outward opening,  single and double flush doors. The range of combinations available allow  the system to respond to the needs of the building. The door system  perfectly matches the CS 59 window system. The large choice of colours  allows a perfect match with the building style.

Also - Concept System 59 Parallel door, Concept System 59 'Renaissance' window door, Concept System 59 'Softline' window door, Concept System 59 'Parallel, Automatic Door'.

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