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CS 24-SL

Concept System 24 'Steel Look' window

Ultimate elegance

Concept System® 24-SL is a thermally insulated system for outward  opening windows that combines ultra-slim design, stability and ease in  production. The system’s slender exterior contours and specially  designed glazing beads give it a steel look & feel. 

This in combination with the excellent insulation level makes CS  24-SL not only suitable for new-build houses, but also for renovations  of steel-framed windows, residential constructions, schools and utility  buildings. 

The standard outward opening types can be applied in numerous  combinations in line with the needs of the building. The window system  perfectly matches the CS 24-SL door system. A unique aspect is that this  slim system can also comply with burglar resistance class 2, offering a  safe and secure solution.

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