About us


About us

Glasma Service is an authorised manufacturer of aluminium structures, doors, windows, as well as automatic revolving, slide and swing doors and internal partitions. We are systematic and efficient company, managed by top-level specialists in their field, operating in a team-based manner.

Responsible attitude towards our clients and work, constant growth in our competencies, in trust between team members and pride of our work – all of these are the major priorities of Glasma Service.


Glasma Service can produce solutions for different projects to satisfy all of the standard or specific needs of our clients.

Depending on your project we will either apply the most suitable systems or will develop custom and unique product designs .

All of our manufacturing processes are fully automated and harmonised. Thus, we are able to develop premium products with pinpoint precision. Glasma Service uses the latest FOM, Elumatec Graule, CNC centre, and DALI 70 cutting machines for our manufacturing processes.


Glasma Service has been an authorised special building contractor according to Certificate No 7336 since 2011.

The company has internal production and quality control management system, in addition to occupational safety and health, and environmental management systems.